Stop list for self-excluded gamblers may appear in Russia

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Official information has appeared that a stop list for self-excluded gamblers may appear in Russia. The Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation reported about a system that allows people with gambling addiction to limit their participation in gambling on their own. A special mechanism of the self-exclusion process will allow citizens to add themselves to the list of persons who will not be allowed to bet on sports betting in betting organizations and casinos in the country. This can happen after a personal statement of the player and by a court decision, as well as at the request of his family members or guardian, based on the relevant court decision. The stop list will also include people recognized as “limitedly capable”. Note that the minimum period of withdrawal from gambling, so to speak, will be at least twelve months. And after a year, the citizen will be able to try to withdraw his previously submitted application. In Russia, as in many countries of the world, there is an active opposition to gambling addiction, as statistics show an increase in the level of gambling among the population. My Lucky Story published information that according to the results of the “Rating of Bookmakers” study, it was revealed that Russians began to bet more often in betting companies, and according to the “SuperJob” service, every eighth resident of the Russian Federation recognizes himself as a gambler.

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