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Today we will deal with one of the ten main combinations in poker, we will talk about the Straight and all its derivatives, if I may say so. We will learn what a Straight, Straight Draw, Straight Flush is, as well as a combination of Broadway and the Wheel. Previously, we published articles about the hierarchy of card combinations in one of the most popular types of poker today – Texas Hold’em. And in this article we will study in detail one of them in all its variations.

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And by the way, Street, which means “street” in English, is an erroneous version of the name – the original should have Straight, which translates as order, because the denomination of the cards in this set must go in order. Well, let’s start studying. Straight in poker – a straight combination Straight or in English Straight is one of the full-fledged poker combinations, consisting of five off-suit cards that go strictly in order, for example: from deuce to six, from five to nine and the most optimal – from ten to ace (consisting of the highest cards of the deck, regardless of suit) and the like. Straight weight in poker hands – so, the straight is older (stronger) than the following sets of cards: a pair, two pair, three of a kind or a set. At the same time, the straight is weaker than: flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush. If during the game the straight goes to two or more players, the winner is determined by the highest card. Included in the combination (do not confuse with the kicker). Note that the weakest or the youngest Street has its own separate name – “Wheel”. This combination consists of cards: from ace to five – that is: ace, two, three, four, five of any different suits. Straight-draw in poker – a straight-draw combination A straight-draw is considered to be not quite a full-fledged or unfinished combination, in which one card is missing from the straight – an out. This is often called an open-ended straight-draw – a two-way straight draw. That is – we have four off-suit cards in order, but we are missing a card at the beginning of the set (left) or a card at the end of the set (right). For example, we have a seven, eight, nine and ten – which means that before the straight we need a six or a jack. Since there are four jacks and four sixes of different suits in the deck, we have eight outs to strengthen. There is also a “leaky” straight draw, where there is not enough card inside the set. This combination is called a gutshot. To strengthen it, the player has four possible options – outs. The third type of straight draw is the double belly buster. It is both double-sided and “leaky”. This case is not very noticeable on the table. An example of a double belly buster – we have an offsuit eight, ten, jack, queen and ace – in this case, both the king and the nine (missing inside the set) are suitable for strengthening. Here, as in the two-way, there are eight outs to enhance. Odds of making straight and straight draws Let’s look at the odds of making straight and straight draws using the example of Texas Hold’em in percentage terms with certain conditions, on different rounds of betting: Player has connectors – the probability of making a straight on the flop is 1.3 percent Player has connectors – 10.5 percent chance of making a straight draw on the flop Player has 1 hole connectors – 1 percent chance of making a straight on the flop Player has 1 hole connectors – chance of making a straight draw on the flop – 7 percent Player has a straight draw on the flop – 17 percent chance of improving to a straight on the turn Player has a straight draw on the flop – 31.5 percent chance of improving to a straight by the river round Player has a straight draw on the turn – probability of improving to a straight on the river round – 17 percent Player with a gutshot on the flop – probability of improving on the turn is – 8.5 percent Player of a gutshot on the flop – probability of improving before the river round is – 16.5 p percent The player has a gutshot on the turn stage – the probability of strengthening on the river stage is – 8.5 percent. Judging by the name, it becomes clear that it combines a straight – in its literal translation “order”, and from a flush it takes the obligatory suited suit. That is – straight-flush is not a simple, but a suited straight. The treasured representative of this type for all poker players is the Royal Flush combination. In those rather rare cases, when two (or several) players get a straight flush at the same time, the winner is chosen according to the seniority of the combination. The maximum option is the same Royal Flush from ten to ace of the same suit, of course, and the minimum option is from ace to five, also of the same suit. The chances that the player will be able to collect a straight flush are not great, but still there. They range from a low probability of a 0.1 percent chance of getting a straight flush on the flop with suited connectors, to a maximum of 8 percent if a straight flush draw came on the flop. Broadway in poker – broadway poker hand The Broadway poker hand is the highest possible straight. It includes five cards of different suits, going in the following order: ten, jack, queen, king, ace. All of the cards listed are called “Broadway Cards” or “Broadway Cards”. They also have their own qualifications. So, cards – queen, king, ace – are considered cards of Upper Broadway, such as – ten and jack – these are cards of Lower Broadway. It’s all about seniority and minority. That’s basically all, summing up the results of today’s article – a straight is a full-fledged five-card combination, five cards of any suit participate in it, but the following are strictly in order. In disputable cases of a straight, the player whose combination contains the highest card wins. In a straight draw, the player is one card short of a straight and can be an open-ended, a goodshot, or a double-belly bustre. The oldest of the streets is Broadway. Straight Flush is the highest combination of all, the well-known Royal Flush also belongs to it, in this combination the cards not only go in order, but are also of the same suit.

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