Tajik bloggers will have to license lotteries on their YouTube channels

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Due to the increasing popularity of online lotteries on Tajik YouTube channels, the authorities have drawn attention to them. The Ministry of Finance decided to oblige the organizers of such games to license their activities and pay the corresponding tax. As a lawyer from the Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan commented, amendments to the existing law have already been prepared, and in case of failure to comply with the required standards, bloggers will be held accountable. The reaction of the owners of YouTube channels is quite predictable – they expressed their dissatisfaction, referring to the fact that the income from their activities is insignificant and the new rules could be the reason for the closure of channels and the termination of activities. For your information, back in February 2021, the country’s tax service officially obliged Tajik bloggers to pay taxes on profits from their social media accounts. Sources claim that today there are pages with a multi-million audience and subscribers on the territory of the republic. Earlier, My Lucky Story reported that the national lottery in Slovakia ceased to exist, having worked since 2013. At the same time, in Britain, they are choosing a candidate to organize and conduct a state lottery, five applications have been received by the state gambling regulator.

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