Target deductions of bookmakers in Russia amounted to more than three billion rubles in six months

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There were official data on the amount of targeted deductions received from Russian betting companies. For the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, the amount paid to the sports federations of the Russian Federation amounted to 3.25 billion rubles. This was announced by the current president of the First Self-Regulatory Organization of Bookmakers Nikolai Rubenovich Oganezov at a meeting of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. This money is big enough – Mr. Oganezov added. As previously reported, almost a billion, more precisely, 904.5 million rubles were paid out by betting companies in the first three months of the current 2021. The most significant “transfer” was recognized as a payment to the Russian Football Union – the RFU received 327.05 million Russian rubles. It should be noted that the target deductions of bookmakers for the Russian Chess Federation in 2020 amounted to 8 million rubles, and I would also like to add that, according to the statistics of the Rating of Bookmakers, Russians have begun to place bets more often in betting companies.

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