Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker.

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The topic of our today’s article is Texas Hold’em in English – Texas Hold’em, it is this type of poker that is by far the most popular both in a live version, so to speak, and on the Internet – in its online versions.

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We note right away that the largest poker tournaments, such as the WSOP – The World Series of Poker (World Series of Poker) are held in this discipline. That is, in almost all such competitions, the main direction is Texas Hold’em. The popularity of this type of poker is constantly growing. Books are written about it and educational videos are shot, land-based and online schools for playing Texas Hold’em are opened, such institutions are very relevant and widespread around the world. History of Texas Hold’em Let’s dive into the history of this game. Experts are inclined to believe that for the first time it appeared, as the name implies, in the US state of Texas, in the city of Robstown in drinking establishments, where the bulk of the customers were cowboys, farmers and prospectors. At that time, and this was roughly the year 1900, one of the largest states in America was filled with people in search of money and ready for adventure. A little later, Texas Holdem conquered the capital of his native state – the city of Austin and began his world tour. A little more than half a century later, this type of poker conquered the gambling houses of Las Vegas. It was enough for a few bright players like Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim and Krendle Addington to get hooked on him to infect everyone else. And as we already reported in an earlier article – in 1970 the first Texas Hold’em poker tournament appeared and the winner was Johnny Moss – who later received the original nickname “the great old man of poker” he was a pioneer of this discipline and managed to become it honorary and famous veteran. The essence of the game of Texas Hold’em The main task of each poker player is to win against all other participants in the table. And professionals say that this can be achieved only with the use of logic and mathematics. Good results and big wins can, in their opinion, be achieved only over a long distance, without chasing the small successes of each new hand. Collect your strongest combination, and they have their own hierarchy of cards in Texas Hold’em, the player can out of the seven proposed, so to speak, cards – using only five – namely: two of his hole cards and three of those five that are in the process games are laid out on the table for all players. Starting from the combination of the High Card and up to the coveted Royal Flush, all of them have their own chance of winning and their own rules for strengthening and successful drawing. At such moments, players pay attention to many circumstances: to the place they are playing, to bet limits, to the size of the blinds – mandatory bets and, of course, to the bankroll (their own budget and the budgets of opponents). Texas Hold’em, like other types of poker, is very fond of thinking people. Main Varieties of Texas Hold’em There are three main variants of the game in Texas Hold’em: the first is Limit Texas Hold’em Limit or LP – ie Limit Texas Hold’em. In this format, participants can place bets and raise them, in strict accordance with the specified limits. Let’s say the game is on a poker table, where the stakes are 5/10 dollars/rubles/euro and the like – it means that in the minimum variant at the initial stages (preflop and flop) you can bet only five dollars/rubles/euro, then – on the turn and river on ten dollars/rubles/euro. And the maximum will be equal to four minimum bets – four times five = 20 dollars / rubles / euros on the preflop and flop and 40 (four times 10) dollars / rubles / euros – at the turn and river stage. The second variety – Pot-Limit Texas Hold’em Pot-limit or PL – in this poker, the maximum allowable bet directly depends on the size of the pot. Here, at each stage of the auction, the amount that a poker player can bet directly depends on one of two factors – on the size of the previous bet made or on the size of the big blind. Example – on the flop the pot size is 20 dollars / rubles / euros, and someone put ten dollars / rubles / euros in front of us, then our range for raising is from 30 to 40 dollars / rubles / euros, respectively. No-Limit Texas Hold’em – aka No Limit Texas Hold’em or NL, in which the player bets as much as his own stack allows him (the number of chips he owns). At any stage of the game, the participant has the right to bet any amount, but not less than indicated in the limit of the table at which he plays, and not less than the player in front of him. When playing no-limit Texas Hold’em, you can bet all-in at any time – that is, bet your entire stack. It is in this variant of poker that the maximums are most often observed – the biggest wins and the biggest losses. Today, Texas Holdem is not just a separate type of poker, it is a separate game that is played by more than ninety percent of all poker players. So the Olympus is conquered and new names of real legends of this discipline appear in the list of poker whales. The size of the prize money at popular tournaments is striking in the number of zeros, and the best players collect not only the sympathy of fans and media attention, but also their multi-million dollar fortunes.

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