Thai authorities oppose illegal betting at Euro 2020

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It became known that shadow bookmakers have become more active in Thailand, this is directly related to the holding of a significant Euro 2020 football championship, which was postponed from 2018 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The issue of combating illegal bets was approached at the government level. Mr. Chan-Ocha, the current Prime Minister of Thailand, ordered to monitor the activities of not only land-based betting shops, but also the field of online betting. On the territory of the kingdom, massive raids and checks are carried out, the purpose of which is to detect and stop illegal gambling houses. Local police have already made a series of arrests. Some offenses related to shadow gambling can threaten the accused not only with fines, but also with imprisonment. Recall that in February of the current 2021 in Thailand, the important and difficult issue of legalizing the gambling business was again raised. And as part of the fight against illegal gambling, the Thai police arrested 12 members of a group engaged in illegal online gambling, property and equipment worth $490,270 were seized during the raids.

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