Thai police arrested members of a gang engaged in illegal online gambling

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Thai police have arrested 12 people suspected of running an illegal gambling business. Five of them are Chinese citizens, the rest are Thais who worked as call center operators. According to the investigation, the group created and administered the DDPoker website to organize and conduct illegal gambling. During the search, property worth a total of THB 15 million ($490,270) was seized, including computers, 22 passbooks, five cars and two motorcycles. The results of the preliminary investigation showed that the suspects had been running the gambling business on the Internet for more than three years and managed to organize several branches. More than 170,000 people visited their site every month, and the turnover was at least 30 million baht per month. In addition, law enforcement officers managed to trace several large money transfers to a bank account in Hong Kong. Earlier, the Thai police announced a special operation to eliminate the illegal gambling cyber group.

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