Thai police seize cars and 11 million baht from illegal gambling organizers

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The Thai police carried out a special operation in the municipality of Tanyaburi and identified two underground bases in private homes that were used by a criminal network to organize and conduct illegal online gambling, in particular for online sports betting. Thai law enforcers arrested 18 illegal gambling thieves and seized 16 computers, eight luxury cars and 11 million baht (about $336,000). The perpetrators have been charged with illegal gambling on the Internet and violation of the restrictions imposed by the Thai authorities due to the spread of the coronavirus. The seized equipment, vehicles and money can be turned into state revenue in accordance with the legislation on combating the laundering of proceeds from crime, the Thai police said. My Lucky Story wrote that the Austrian police stopped the work of 16 illegal gambling establishments. As reported, the Thai police arrested members of the group that organized the illegal gambling business. Recall that the Italian police seized from the mafia 96 million US dollars received by criminals from illegal gambling.

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