The annual payment for the lease of plots in the Yantarnaya Gambling Zone has increased by almost 30 times

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Based on the results of auctions for the lease of land plots in the Yantarnaya Gambling Zone, whose total area was more than 3.6 hectares, the budget of the Kaliningrad region will be replenished with very decent amounts. According to the press service of the region, the amount of annual rent will exceed 60 million rubles. The official statement also states that at the beginning of the lease auction, the payment amounted to 2.27 million Russian rubles, that is, it increased by more than two and a half thousand percent. The plans and preparation of the land plots of the Yantarnaya Gambling Zone for bidding became known back in November last 2020. From May 24 to May 26 of the current year, the lease auction took place. It should be noted that the Moscow-based SintezGroup concluded a deal on the lease of a territory of 1.44 hectares, and for them the amount of payment increased during the bidding process to 1.026 million rubles. The lease term is 58 months, which is just under five years.

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