The attitude of Russian players towards online gambling advertising has become more positive

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The reaction of players to bookmakers’ advertising has recently become more benevolent. This is evidenced by the results of a study of the opinions of customers of betting operators, conducted by the “Rating of Bookmakers”. Players were asked to express their opinion about the bookmaker’s advertising in gradation from extremely negative to extremely positive. In total, five response options were used in the rating scale, including intermediate ones: “negative”, “neutral”, “positive”. As a result, “very positive” feedback was given by 10.1% of survey participants. In 2019, advertising was perceived less loyally – only 5.7 percent of betters spoke positively. 11.6 percent of customers expressed a negative attitude towards the promotion of bookmakers’ services, which is somewhat less than last year’s estimates (12.6 percent). Parimatch Marketing Director Svetlana Shabalina believes that in order to more effectively reach the audience, bookmakers should combine various channels for promoting services. “The most effective mix is ​​TV and other major media, as well as SMM, bloggers and opinion leaders. With the help of media advertising in digital media and various affiliate programs, the necessary targeting is achieved, and a number of tasks are solved creatively and as quickly as possible,” she commented on the results of the survey. At the same time, the attitude of bookmakers’ clients towards sponsorship advertising has changed little over the past year. In dynamics, negative ratings slightly increased (from 3.9% to 5.6%) and the number of players who positively perceive sponsorship decreased slightly (from 75.9% to 68.4%). As My Lucky Story previously reported, six betting companies in Russia provided financial report on its activities in 2020. The two companies reported losses despite the revenue generated from sports betting.

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