The authorities have stopped the work of Argentine casinos and bingo halls because of the coronavirus

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In Argentina, due to the worsening situation with the coronavirus, by decision of the authorities, casinos and bingo halls located in the province of Buenos Aires are closed. This restriction on the activities of gambling establishments will be in effect, according to local media, for at least two weeks. However, the Union of Gambling Industry Workers of Argentina does not believe in this. The organization has criticized officials who discriminate against the gambling industry. Since, the union explained, only gambling establishments that comply with all security protocols are closed, while other facilities with a minimum throughput, but still work. Let the authorities show (if they have such data, of course) the results of studies that say that gambling establishments are the biggest source of COVID-19, the Union of Gambling Industry Workers of Argentina noted with sarcasm. My Lucky Story wrote that the Swedish authorities intend to extend the restrictions for the gambling industry introduced in connection with the spread of the coronavirus infection. Earlier it became known that from April 7 in the state of New York they will be able to resume the work of casinos, since anti-coronavirus restrictions were eased in this region of the United States. Recall that casinos in Las Vegas will be able to operate at full capacity from June 1, 2021, subject to a number of sanitary requirements of the authorities.

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