The authorities of the Netherlands have changed the amount of tax and license fees for gambling operators

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The Dutch government has announced changes to the online gambling tax and license fees that gambling operators must pay. In particular, from October 1, online gambling operators will have to pay a tax of 1.95% of their gross income (currently they pay 1.75%). The new rate will be valid for 10 years, and its introduction is necessary to cover the costs of the Dutch state gambling regulator, the country’s authorities explained. At the same time, the amount of fees that must be paid by lottery and casino operators in order to obtain a license has been reduced from 48,000 euros to 28,000. Online gambling operators, officials said, will continue to pay 48,000 euros. My Lucky Story wrote that the German authorities have also raised the tax rate on online gambling. Earlier it became known about the increase in license fees from gambling operators in the UK.

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