The Belgian regulator launched a campaign against illegal gambling operators

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In Belgium, the state gambling regulator is campaigning against illegal gambling under the slogan “Always play legally.” It started on April 26 and will end on June 11, before the start of the European Football Championship. As part of this action, the regulator will distribute information materials, including how to distinguish between legal and offshore gambling operators. Gambling companies with a Belgian license can join the campaign – they must obtain permission from the authorities to use the “Always play legal” logo in their activities. By the way, according to the Belgian Gambling Commission, 20% of gamblers in this country use the services of illegal operators. My Lucky Story wrote that the Iranian authorities exposed the country’s largest network of illegal games, law enforcement officers detained its leader and participants. As reported, the American Gaming Association announced the danger of using illegal slot machines. Recall that in China they are actively fighting cross-border gambling, as a result of which thousands of people involved in it have come under investigation.

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