The betting company Parimatch sells the rights to its platform

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It became known about the intentions of the betting company Parimatch to sell the rights to its old platform. The site will be listed on the Binans NFT Marketplace and new owners will receive the rights to it in the format of NFT tokens – a digital code of ownership for a unique product. The press release published by the bookmaker says that the “portfolio” for sale will be one hundred NFT tokens for certain objects of the bookmaker’s old website. The start of the sale is scheduled for June 24, 2021. The reason for the sale of the resource is explained by the fact that the betting company has moved, so to speak, to another platform. It should be noted that the entire amount received from the transaction will go to charity through the Parimatch Foundation, created back in 2019. Earlier, My Lucky Story published information that Dmitry Sergeev received a stake in Betring, which represents Parimatch in the Russian Federation. From the latest news – in connection with the start of the Euro 2020 football championship, the betting company “Parimatch” has launched a betting statistics service for Evro-2020.

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