The court ordered the British gambling operator to give the player 1.7 million pounds

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The British gambling operator Betfred is obliged to pay its client 1.7 million pounds sterling – won in the online blackjack card game. The company had previously refused to voluntarily pay off the gambler, citing alleged technical problems in the game. The High Court of London, which has been considering the client’s complaint against Betfred for two years, ruled that the commercial structure must give the money to the player. My Lucky Story wrote that gambling operator Global Gaming Philippines LLC initiated a lawsuit with Filipino billionaire Enrique Razon due to the businessman’s refusal to pay the company $296 million. It was previously reported that PokerStars was ordered to pay the State of Kentucky $870 million plus interest for illegal online poker betting in order to enforce the court rulings. Recall that the casino management company Caesars Entertainment intends to recover from insurance companies compensation for losses incurred due to the coronavirus – more than two billion dollars.

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