The date for the possible resumption of work of gambling houses in western Canada has become known

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Authorities in British Columbia, Canada’s western province, have announced that gambling houses in the region will be able to resume operations by July 2021. Since anti-coronavirus restrictions will be relaxed in this part of the country, officials said. Casinos in British Columbia have been closed for a total of 15 months due to increased health requirements for residents of the province. And the possible opening of institutions is scheduled for Canada Day, which is celebrated on July 1. Gambling industry experts recalled that there are 19 casinos in British Columbia, as well as 20 gambling halls (including the bingo lottery), which annually contribute 1.25 billion Canadian dollars to the budget. As My Lucky Story reported, in Massachusetts, restrictive measures previously imposed on casinos by the authorities due to the coronavirus pandemic will be lifted on May 29, 2021. Earlier it became known about the opening of gambling houses in Denmark, which resumed their activities on May 21. Recall that Italian casinos will be able to accept customers from July 1, 2021.

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