The developers have taught artificial intelligence to bluff better than professional players

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The gambling world has been turned upside down ever since scientists started developing artificial intelligence. Recently, it is virtual gambling entertainment that has been popular among players. Therefore, the developers conducted a series of experiments, during which it turned out that artificial intelligence can bluff no worse than professional players.

Studies have shown that artificial intelligence, when playing in an online casino, makes decisions much more accurately and more efficiently than a person. Faced with uncertainty, as well as a lack of information, the neural network calculates the most likely moves. However, this technology is not very impressive. Engineers have long proven that it is difficult for a person to compete with a machine in those areas where it is necessary to show mathematical thinking. Research shows that artificial intelligence is not only good at gambling, but also makes some attempts at bluffing. Also, tournaments were previously held in which people fought against AI and the neural network won. We are talking about the Texas Hold’em tournament, which was held in the Pittsburgh gambling establishment Rivers. Then the machine was able to beat four professional poker players at once. The game was played for 20 days, and the neural network managed to win $1.7 million. However, scientists argue that the use of a neural network will be useful in sports prediction, since machines can perform a quick and high-quality analysis of the received data and provide players with the most likely results: First, the machine examines data on previous results of sports teams. And after that he offers the finished result. Very often, artificial intelligence makes successful predictions for basketball and football.

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