The expert commented on the prospects for the construction of a gambling zone in Buryatia

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On January 21, the deputies of the Pribaikalsky district discussed the possibility of implementing a gambling and entertainment zone on the territory of the Baikal Gavan. Earlier, the territory of the special economic zone, by decision of local authorities, was reduced, and discussion began on combining this project with a gambling zone. The lawyer Bilikto Dugarov spoke about the reasons for such a decision.

Bilikto Dugarov is sure that officials will take this step, apparently out of desperation, since a large sum has already been spent on the implementation of the SEZ. Now the region should find new sources of income as soon as possible: Billions have already been spent on the development of Baikalskaya Gavan. However, everything is now in decline there, since the summer season is short here, and there are very few tourists. At the moment, the Ministry of Tourism of Buryatia has reached a dead end with this project, and if the authorities do not take some step, they will simply lose the money invested. The lawyer also believes that the gambling and entertainment zone will be able to attract Russian as well as foreign guests, regardless of the weather conditions that are typical for this region: the gambling zone will be visited by tourists from China, as well as Mongolia. You can also expect that the guests will be residents of the Krasnodar Territory and the Irkutsk Region. In addition, this object will be created legally. Therefore, it cannot be said that if we create such an object on Baikal, then we will somehow violate the environment or develop crime and so on. Recall that the authorities of Yalta signed a decree on the return of a plot of land in Katsiveli to the state property of the republic. According to the decision of the administration, it is in this village that the gambling and entertainment zone will be implemented.

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