The first month of operation of the Billionaire gambling house in Kiev brought seven million hryvnias

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Located in the capital of Ukraine, in one of the five-star hotels, the legal casino “Billionaire” sums up the results of the first month of its work and counted the number of its gambling guests.

The report showed that a thousand customers who visited the gambling house from May to June 2021 allowed the operator to earn 7 million hryvnias. It is also known that the Billionare company transferred to the state tax deductions for obtaining a license in the amount of 90 million hryvnias. Another important point of statistics is that about one and a half hundred employees were hired to work in the gambling house. Their salaries, as well as rent, are included in the list of expenses of the institution. As for the lucky guests of the institution, the majority, that is, more than 80 percent of the customers, received cash rewards in the halls with slot machines. In second place in terms of money won are lovers of card gambling. My Lucky Story has already published information that the Ukrainian authorities did not get everything they planned from the sale of gambling licenses. Meanwhile, the current head of the UGC – All-Ukrainian Gambling Council – Anton Kuchukhidze discussed a number of important points in the law on protecting citizens from gambling addiction.

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