The first self-regulatory organization of bookmakers proposes to equalize personal income tax for customers of bookmakers and casinos

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According to the information published on the official website of the Rating of Bookmakers, the First Self-Regulatory Organization of Bookmakers – SRO, proposes to introduce a single mechanism for collecting personal income tax for customers of betting companies and make it identical to personal income tax for casino customers. At the moment, a client of land-based casinos is taxed on the amount of a positive difference between the money spent and received for the full reporting period – he spends 100 rubles, wins 500 – 400 will be taxed. This is an understandable and quite transparent scheme, while for bookmakers’ clients everything is in order more difficult – for them, the situation is winning is the withdrawal of funds from the account, from the amount that has not reached the mark of 15 thousand rubles, an individual pays tax on his own. Note that the amount of money spent is not taken into account. From the current situation, the reasons for putting forward this initiative become clear. In April 2021, the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia published information on innovations regarding tax deductions for gambling winnings. We also note that the target deductions of bookmakers in the Russian Federation have crossed the mark of three billion rubles over the past six months.

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