The German Parliament is considering a bill on tax on online gambling

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Committees of the German Parliament have begun considering a draft federal law that establishes taxation of online gambling. The bill must be adopted by deputies before July 2021, when new rules for online gambling will come into force in the country. The current version of the draft law provides for a tax rate of 5.3% on the turnover of gambling operators. However, it is punitive for the gambling industry, according to the European Gaming and Betting Association. According to representatives of this organization, the result of the introduction of such a tax will be the transition of gamblers from legal operators to offshore ones. Because, as analytics firm Goldmedia previously explained, gamblers are already wary of a reduction in their winnings. After all, licensed operators are likely to offer reduced winnings to offset the tax. But illegal operators who do not have to pay tax in Germany – increased winnings. Representatives of the gambling industry urged the German authorities, having studied the experience of other countries, to abandon the 5.3% tax rate in favor of a lower one. As My Lucky Story reported, the income of the German gambling market will reach 18.2 billion euros by 2024, according to gambling industry analysts.

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