The hype continues with the unnamed winner of the American lottery who won $ 731 million

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Recall that in January of the current 2021, the winner of the Powerball lottery received a record jackpot, the amount of which exceeded 730 million US dollars. The lucky winner decided to take his prize at once, but not the whole amount. The ticket holder decided to remain anonymous, and it can be understood – the population of the city in which he lives is a little over 1.2 thousand people. But the intrigue only warmed up passions – and this applies not only to local residents, but also to guests of the city who wished to come and talk with the favorite of fortune. Everyone is trying to find out who exactly is so lucky, fellow countrymen are monitoring each other, tracking the purchases of their neighbors. Some people want to ask a newly minted millionaire for money. Someone buys lottery tickets and bets on the same numbers. To date, the name of the winner remains unknown. My Lucky Story reported that the winnings will be received in one payout, but not in full. Note that this jackpot has become the fifth largest in the history of the Powerball lottery, in terms of an absolute record – it is on the list of the largest winnings, jackpots and wins in the history of gambling.

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