The Latvian Saeima refused to adopt a new bill on gambling

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The new bill, containing important changes in the field of gambling activity, was not only not adopted by the Seimas, it was not even allowed to be considered. Representatives of the New Conservative Party and KPV LV were the authors and initiators of this project. The document included an amendment on the allowable number of stars in hotels, hotels or hotel complexes that can accommodate legal casinos and slot machine halls. The authors suggested placing such objects only in establishments with four stars. At the meeting of the Parliament, held on April 15 this year, the proposal was included in the agenda and submitted for voting. There were 15 deputies who disagreed, 35 voted in favor. But since 27 parliamentarians abstained without giving their vote for or against, the document never received legal force. Earlier I reported that in mid-March 2021, the Latvian Parliament planned to introduce changes and amendments to the legislation on gambling and lotteries, initiated by the Ministry of Finance of Latvia. The document was accepted for consideration.

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