The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation clarified the payment of tax on winnings

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On the official website of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, a document was presented that explains to gambling participants what kind of winnings they will have to report personally.

The Ministry of Finance said that all players who received a large win must fill out a special declaration, and then transfer it to the tax service. The amount of the bet that was made to participate in this game will also be deducted from the player’s winnings. If a player has received more than 15 thousand rubles from games offered by lotteries, bookmakers and sweepstakes, then he must independently calculate and pay value added tax, and then declare the amount received. However, representatives of the Ministry of Finance reported that winnings not exceeding the amount of four thousand rubles would not be taxed. In turn, Darina Denisova, president of the SRO, states that the tax on winnings can have many negative consequences for the gambling business. She is sure that this decision of the government will help the development of illegal activities of bookmakers in Russia. Recall that from 2019, bookmakers in Russia will also transfer targeted deductions to domestic sports organizations from interactive bets, the president of the Liga Stavok, Yuri Krasovsky, reports.

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