The new format of the Europa League and the Champions League – the season will start in September

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Football fans, bookmakers and players themselves have recently learned that the Union of European Football Associations is planning to host Europa League and Champions League matches this August. According to UEFA, this event will take only 3 weeks. However, now some details about the holding of the stages of the championships, which remained unfinished, have become clear. The Champions League and the Europa League will be subject to change, namely, their format will change. So they will play the quarter-finals and semi-finals in one match, and not in two, as it was before. First of all, the second matches of the ⅛ finals, which remained unplayed due to the global pandemic, will take place. UEFA believes that such a decision will give the national leagues more time and they will be able to complete the domestic championships and organize European competitions in two weeks instead of three. If everything goes as planned, the new season, to the slavery of the betting business, will begin in September. In addition, those players who took part in the European Cup finals will be able to go on vacation after that for three weeks. UEFA wants to discuss such an initiative in the coming days via video link. Of course, after that, an official statement about this decision should appear on the main website of the association. So far, no one can say for sure when the championships of different states will resume. After all, there is no official information about this yet. It is assumed that the first major league will be the German Bundesliga. She already has a specific plan to continue the season and other countries may well follow her example. In addition, it is known that the government of the Czech Republic and Austria is ready to approve the resumption of training in sports organizations so that they can start tournaments. According to the latest and most up-to-date information available at this time, all football championships will resume in May-June and end by early August. Thus, national teams will have to play 2-3 matches every 7 days, depending on the schedule.
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