The Olympics and the European Football Championship seem to have no spectators

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It was recently announced that the World Health Organization will not allow mass events until the fall of 2021 at the earliest. This was announced by the representative of this organization, Ezekiel Emanuel. Such a message means that all events of the sports season will be organized without fans. It is noteworthy that the Olympic Games and the European Football Championship, as well as other tournaments and competitions, have just been postponed to 2021. So they are also banned by the WHO. Of course, there is no information yet about when a coronavirus vaccine will be invented and when it can be used. Some scientists say that an anti-virus vaccine will be created by December 2020, and then it can be used for its intended purpose. If this happens, spectators and fans will be able to enter the stadiums. After all, then it simply would not make sense to forbid them to attend mass events. However, the WHO spokesman is skeptical that the pandemic will be over by the end of this year. Ezekiel Emanuel recently gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper Marca. In it, he said that he did not quite understand the leaders who are rescheduling mass events and events to September and October 2020. The representative of the World Health Organization stressed that the earliest time that events with several thousand spectators can be allowed is autumn 2021. According to Emanuel, it is after this much time that not only the pandemic will stop, but all its consequences will also end. Recall that the statement of the WHO representative applies not only to sports competitions, but also to cultural, economic, religious and business events. For example, concerts, meetings, conferences, performances and exhibitions, as well as services and prayers. Fans and fans of sports, as well as gamblers who like to bet with bookmakers, can only pensively expect what this strange future brings.
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