The Rada has not adopted any amendment on the formation of the Ukrainian regulator

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At the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, held on March 4, none of the three submitted bills on the formation of the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries was approved. Disputes about who exactly should and can form the composition of CRAIL did not lead to anything – not a single proposal received the required number of votes. The deputies failed to make a decision. It should be noted that one of the three submitted bills – number 4351 – was the main one and proposed to leave all the powers to form the regulator to the Cabinet of Ministers. In the second one, there was a proposal to transfer this function to the Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Service of Ukraine, and the third one raised such issues as reducing the triple price for obtaining a license by a gambling operator, introducing online monitoring and abolishing the requirement to place technical facilities online. systems strictly on the territory of Ukraine. We remind you that the gambling business in Ukraine received a legal status back in January 2020, the country’s authorities expect to receive good tax deductions from gambling.

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