The report of the Association of Fair Betting revealed a new leader in the number of suspicious bets – Europe became

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According to published data from the non-profit organization IBIA – the Fair Betting Association, for the reporting period from April to June of the current 2021, 38 dubious incidents were detected in the global sports betting industry. Which, in turn, is almost forty percent less than in the same period of the first quarter.

The document indicates that almost half of the suspicious bets are football events, less than ten cases of table tennis betting violations, six incidents each for e-sports and lawn tennis, and a single case in beach volleyball. The top three geographical indicators included the following participants – 47 percent registered in European countries, Asia is in second place with thirteen percent of cases and Latin America closes with similar data. It should be noted that the Euro 2020 Championship held in 2021 brought record profits to bookmakers. According to experts, this was predictable and quite expected. Meanwhile, in Canada, a law on the legalization of singles bets has been approved and is coming into force. Previously, only multiple bets on at least three events could be made in the country.

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