The results of the study from SuperJob – gambling Russians

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Data appeared, presented by the SuperJob service published on their official website, containing the results of a survey of two and a half thousand residents of Russia about which of them is a gambler and plays or played gambling. Every eighth person from the respondents, we note that they were financially prosperous Russians over 18 years old, admitted that they are gambling people to one degree or another. The cut was carried out in almost 500 cities and towns of the Russian Federation. Among the 13 percent of gambling included in the majority, working men over 40-45 years old, in second place – 15 percent of all respondents – are young people under 35 years of age. Often, people with a fairly high monthly income allow themselves to participate in gambling. Recall that earlier My Lucky Story published the statistical results of a social survey conducted by NAFI on how many Russians know about bookmakers and how many of them place bets. We also note that the target deductions of bookmakers in the Russian Federation amounted to 1.85 billion rubles, according to the data for the first quarter of 2021.

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