The Russian government has compiled a list of requirements for the Unified Center for Accounting and Transferring Rates

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Information on the established requirements for the UTSUPS – the Unified Center for Accounting and Transferring Rates, was made public and posted on May 19 of this year on the Legal Information website. The document contains a resolution issued by the Russian government dated May 17, 2021, on the adjustment of certain legislative acts and a list of all mandatory conditions and requirements for an organization that will place funds in its accounts to compensate the PPK ERAI fund – the public law company “United gambling regulator in Russia. All procedures and the document itself were based and drawn up in full compliance with federal law and will come into force on the twenty-seventh of September of the current 2021. According to official information, the two operating organizations are ready to assume the powers and responsibilities of the Unified Center for Accounting and Transfer of Rates (UTSUPS). As My Lucky Story previously reported, the State Duma of the Russian Federation received for consideration a bill on penalties for money transfers by shady online casinos. Also, the representative of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Sultan Khamzaev, took the initiative to introduce new conditions for advertising sports betting for Russians. Note that the terms of tax deductions for Russian gambling operators may be changed.

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