The soloist of the Ukrainian group “Vopli Vidoplyasova” was criticized for advertising an online casino

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In Ukrainian social networks, they are discussing and negatively commenting on the participation of Oleg Skrypka in an advertisement for one of the online casinos. The simple plot and light music of the promotional video did not smooth the situation.

The musician himself calmly comments on both his work and the opinion of “others”, he said that for about a year he had not received worthy job offers. As for the aesthetics of the situation, the singer considers gambling and participation in them is the personal choice of each person. Pan Skrypka himself does not play such games, in his own words. Speaking about gambling advertising in general, now in many countries of the world there is a “cleansing” of broadcasts from gambling promotion. So in the UK, the authorities plan to remove gambling advertising from daytime television, and in Lithuania they want to ban it completely.

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