The start of a new gambling licensing system in the Netherlands has been postponed

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In the Netherlands, the introduction of a new gambling licensing system has been postponed for technical reasons, reports the Dutch gambling authority KSA. The Dutch Remote Gambling Act came into force on April 1, 2021. From that day on, the regulator began accepting applications for licenses for gambling: online casinos, poker tournaments, sports betting, and online betting on horse racing and dog racing. In total, it is planned to issue 35 licenses for a period of five years. The application fee is 45 thousand euros. Most of these licenses will be awarded to major international operators. Under the provisions of the Remote Gambling Act, it is prohibited in the Netherlands to advertise gambling featuring famous sportsmen, teams or celebrities. Gambling bookmakers are prohibited from accepting bets on football competitions involving teams in the third division or below, as well as on matches of athletes under 21 years old. In addition, bookmakers are not allowed to accept bets on friendly games organized without the participation of FIFA. As My Lucky Story previously reported, the results of a survey of the Dutch showed that although 49% of respondents had heard of gambling, in general gambling did not arouse their active interest. Recall that the Dutch gambling regulator KSA has signed an agreement with a similar agency in Belgium on cooperation in the field of gambling.

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