The State Duma adopted a law on blocking sites related to shadow gambling

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The Russian authorities continue to fight illegal gambling on the territory of the Russian Federation. It became known that on April 22, the law on blocking resources or sites that transfer or participate in the transfer of funds to illegal gambling operators. This will affect mobile operators, banking organizations, banks and various money transfer systems and postal operators. All of the above will be prohibited from any kind of cooperation or agreement with the objects of shadow gambling, which is prohibited in the Russian Federation. For those who managed to acquire such “connections”, a month of so-called amnesty has been set for the termination of illegal contacts and relationships. As previously reported in the My Lucky Story feed, the authority to block sites with the indicated violations has been transferred to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, with the right to block without trial. The relevant data will be received by the Central Bank to create the necessary sanctions. Earlier, we reported that information about changes regarding the taxation of gambling winnings was published on the website of the Federal Tax Service.

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