The state of Georgia remained without betting until at least this fall

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The Georgia Senate, the upper house of the region’s legislature, has thwarted the legalization of betting. Senators on April 1 ended the regular session, leaving without consideration a resolution to allow mobile sports betting in the state and a bill to establish a market regulator – the Georgia Lottery Corporation. Senators, among whom discord reigns because of the legalization of gambling, will return to these issues at least this fall, and not earlier than January 2021, profile analysts stated. According to them, it will be legal to participate in gambling in Georgia from 2022. As My Lucky Story reported, in Nebraska, where gambling is legalized, legislators are forming the rules for the gambling industry. Earlier it was reported that the state of New York has set the amount of license fees and taxes for mobile betting operators. Recall that the senators of Alabama denied their voters the right to play in the casino and place bets.

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