The victory of Manchester City brought the better 4.7 million rubles

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A lucky client of one of the bookmakers bet ten thousand rubles on an impressive accumulator on the results of 12 football matches of two clubs. It should be noted that the total coefficient of the bet was 470.61 – that is, it was quite high. Better had to worry, as the teams and players he bet on weren’t going so smoothly towards the desired result. Two goals were decisive for winning the bet, one of which took place in the 77th minute of the match, and the second in the 88th. But the ten thousand bet, faith in success and spent nerves gave their results – the bet brought the better more than 4.7 million Russian rubles. The authors of the treasured goals scored were Stefan Savic and Aymeric Laporta. Earlier, My Lucky Story reported on another very successful bet – a resident of the city of St. Petersburg, whose name was not advertised, also bet on an accumulator and raised 4,303,348 rubles. Meanwhile, a rating of good deeds of Russian bookmakers appeared, in which bookmakers were selected and evaluated according to their participation in charity.

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