The winner of the Powerball lottery will receive a record jackpot not all – but one payout

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In the US state of Maryland, guessing the numbers brought the lucky winner more than 730 million dollars. The resulting jackpot is considered a record for the national Powerball lottery. The ticket holder opted for a one-time payment, while losing almost half the amount to pay taxes.

The ticket was sold in the small town of Lonaconing in Maryland, and taking into account the fact that in this state the winners have the legal right to remain anonymous, the person who won 731.1 million US dollars took advantage of this right. At the choice of the lottery participant, it was possible to receive prize parts, in the form of regular payments over several years, or to withdraw money immediately, but with a large deduction. In this situation, a lucky anonymous person chose the latter and will receive $366.6 million in his hands. Recall that in mid-May of the current 2021, a jackpot of more than $500 million brought a Mega Millions lottery ticket to its owner in Pennsylvania. And a little earlier, one of the record winnings in an online casino was received – a PokerStars client was lucky with eight million dollars.

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