The winner of the “Russian Lotto”: an amulet helped to win half a billion

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The second part of the mega jackpot in the Russian Lotto New Year’s draw was won by pensioners from St. Petersburg. Lyubov and Sergey Dogorov turned to the central office of the Stoloto operator to receive a prize of 500 million rubles. According to pensioners, an amulet brought them good luck, helping to increase their well-being.

In an interview with the Stoloto website, Lyubov Dogorova said that their family was experiencing temporary financial difficulties, so the woman bought a talisman designed to lure money in the form of coins tied with a red ribbon. This happened shortly before the purchase of several Russian Lotto tickets, one of which turned out to be lucky. Thanks to a large jackpot, pensioners plan to improve their living conditions (move to a new apartment and buy a summer house) and see the world. The couple wants to send part of the money to charity. Also, pensioners plan to leave a job that they could not refuse due to problems with money. Lyubov Dogorova works as a cloakroom attendant, and her husband works as a locksmith. The woman shared with Stoloto representatives the story of how she found out that she had become a millionaire: Remembering that we had unverified tickets, I went to a neighbor so that she could look at the draw results on the Internet. At first I thought it was 500 thousand and was very happy that I was lucky. Then I counted the zeros and was shocked. I called my husband to see it too. He reacted more calmly, as if we win half a billion every day. The New Year’s draw of “Russian Lotto” took place on January 1, 2019. As a result of the draw, almost 2.3 billion rubles were paid out, while 84 lucky lottery tickets brought more than 1 million rubles to their owners. The super prize in the amount of 1 billion rubles fell on two tickets. The first lucky driver from Yekaterinburg, Nikolay Miroshnichenko, found out about his victory only two weeks after the draw. The name of the second winner remained unknown for another week.

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