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One of the leaders in the rating of online poker operators, PartyPoker, has lost popularity among cash players and lost its positions in favor of the iPoker brand. This is evidenced by the data of independent monitoring GameIntel. PartyPoker, which has consistently ranked third in terms of traffic, has fallen to 1,174 online players. The iPoker online poker room took the lead with its traffic growing to 1,249 simultaneously playing poker players. However, analysts suggest that changes in the reward strategy for cash players did not help curb the decline in popularity. PartyPoker launched a new type of random bonus “Hot Tables” in March. The accrual of cash bonuses received a lively response from the players, but did not add traffic. In the first positions, everything is low so far. The rating is still headed by PokerStars and GGNetwork services. As My Lucky Story previously reported, online operator PartyPoker has launched a new feature for its customers. During the random distribution, the player can get up to 500 US dollars in cash games or at the fastforward tables. In addition, during the pandemic, PartyPoker organized closed games for poker fans. Only members of offline gambling houses Playground PokerClub and DuskTillDown (DTD) are invited to closed online rooms.

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