Three leaders of the Irish Open 2021 online poker tournament named

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One of the brightest poker tournaments “Irish Open 2021” has ended. The event was attended by almost two thousand participants from around the world. Looking ahead, let’s open the name of the winner – he was a player from Ukraine Pavel Veksler.

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Now the details – in the final of this tournament, with a buy-in of 1,100 euros, two strong participants remained at the table – in heads-up there were: Stoyan Obreshkov from Bulgaria (with prize money of 224,769 thousand euros) and, as we already know, a Ukrainian Pavel Veksler (with prize money of 266 thousand euros). Note that at the moment when there were four participants at the table, an interesting situation developed – a proposal was received to divide the prize money, the Ukrainian poker player refused. But after some time, left at the poker table together with Stoyan, Pavel himself offered to end the fight with a split, although he outnumbered his opponent in terms of the number of chips. Argentine poker player Franco Spitale closed the top three with 135.4 thousand euros. The fourth was the Swiss Robin Andreas Bergren – he took with him a little less than 90 thousand euros and the fifth place at this festival went to the Estonian Eduard Kudryavtsev with a well-deserved 61.2 thousand euros in prize money. Note that this is a kind of record for Pavel Veksler – he has not yet won so much in online tournaments, but his absolute maximum today is 500 thousand dollars for fourth place, received in the Bahamas in the main event of the PCA in 2019. The Irish Open 2021 tournament is being held online for the second year, the reason for this is the quarantine associated with the pandemic and the strict rules for its observance. Despite everything, the originally named guarantee of one million euros increased by the end to almost two – more precisely, to 1.88 million euros. Note that My Lucky Story regularly reports on the impact of the pandemic on many major events in gambling and on the work of land-based casinos around the world. However, Los Angeles cardrooms are gearing up to welcome guests as some of the lockdown measures have been eased by the state.

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