Three of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the casino

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New Year can be safely called the brightest and most cheerful holiday, which is celebrated almost all over the world. Casinos are no exception, and they have prepared truly grandiose events for guests. Below we will tell you what exactly the best casinos from Russia, Great Britain and Las Vegas have prepared for their visitors.

1. Russia The owners of the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone approached the preparation of events with all responsibility.
On January 1, guests will be waiting for concerts at which Russian pop stars will perform: Dima Bilan, as well as the Leprikonsy and Disco Crash groups. Entrance to the events on this day is free, and the concerts will begin after 22:00. However, all the main events here will begin on January 4th. It was then that the grandiose launch of the new gambling establishment “Boomerang” will take place. But on January 5, the popular “Casino Sochi” grandiosely celebrates its birthday. At the event, visitors will be waiting for a drawing of 5 million rubles and a concert by Grigory Leps. 2. United Kingdom The Hippodrome gambling establishment is considered one of the best in London. And this is absolutely fair! For the New Year holidays, this casino is ready to offer its guests the best party. The festive program will begin on December 31 at 21:00. Casino owners claim that they will be able to surprise guests and offer them the most luxurious event.
At the party, visitors will have a special festive menu, and dishes will be prepared only by famous chefs in London. Also, visitors will be offered seven bars at once and free champagne. And from January 1 to 4, the Magic Mike Live show will be held at this institution. Guests will also be able to enjoy a game in the casino and a concert, which will end at 4 am on January 1st. The owners of the casino, however, reminded that they will only allow adults to enter their event. To do this, the guest will need to present identification documents at the entrance to the casino. 3. USA Las Vegas, of course, is famous for its magnificent New Year’s Eve parties. But the most grandiose this evening promise to be fireworks, which will be launched from the highest buildings.
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Stratosphere Casino promised a special program this New Year’s Eve. The world-famous Grucci fireworks will be launched from the roof of this incredibly tall building at midnight. The iconic Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas will take guests to new heights by combining an incredible show and a party. The casino rooftop event will begin on December 31 at 21:30 and will end on January 1, 2019. The editors of My Lucky Story wish all readers a Happy New Year 2019!

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