Top 5 gambler mistakes in land-based casinos

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Land-based casinos are a source of fun and vivid emotions; gamblers come to gambling houses for positive impressions and in the hope of winning big. Casino visitors are ready to do a lot to lure luck and hit the jackpot: they buy amulets, perform ritual dances, put on lucky t-shirts and cajole fortune in every possible way. In fact, increasing the chances of winning is much easier. It is enough not to rely on luck alone and not to make the top 5 most common mistakes of gamblers in land-based casinos.

Mistake 1. Playing in a relaxed state How it works. Gambling establishments often offer visitors free cocktails. One or two drinks will not affect the game in any way. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for a gambler, because in a state of extreme intoxication, players make large bets, practically do not follow the course of the game and quickly lose money. How to win. Don’t be afraid of free cocktails. On the contrary, a small gift from the casino will help you relax and tune in to positive emotions. No need to abuse alcohol. If a gambler dreams of big wins and is ready to fight for the jackpot, it is better to limit yourself to one glass of whiskey, cognac or a light cocktail. You can also get pleasure and a feeling of euphoria from tense moments in the game.
Mistake 2. Disorientation in space and time How it works. The buildings of large casinos are like a labyrinth. Inside the player are waiting for countless slot machines with flashing lights, tables for card games and roulette, which disorientate the visitor and make it difficult to find a way out. Dimmed lights and loud music increase the feeling of being lost and increase the chances that the gambler will sit down at the nearest slot or decide to play blackjack to calm down and distract a little. Complex architecture, lack of windows and clocks slow down the passage of time. It seems to the player that he spent quite a bit of time in the casino, but for some reason he spent much more than he originally planned. How to win. It is not necessary to visit the casino on a strictly scheduled basis. If a gambler spends an extra 1-2 hours in a gambling establishment, nothing terrible will happen. The main thing is not to lose your head. A watch and a standard alarm clock or timer on a smartphone will help you keep track of time. It is easier not to get lost in the labyrinth of gambling halls if you first walk around the entire institution, having presented in your head a plan for the location of various gambling zones. You can go to unfamiliar gambling establishments with friends. Together it is easier to navigate in an unfamiliar environment and not to walk thoughtlessly from table to table in search of temptations. Mistake 3. Ignorance of gambling rules How it works. Inexperienced players reduce their chances of winning when they rely solely on luck. They go to the casino without knowing the rules of gambling and hope that fortune will tell them at the right moment what to bet on or when to stop playing card games. In most cases, the seventh sense fails, because it is impossible to guess the features of roulette or blackjack if there is no experience and at least basic skills, so smarter opponents win. How to win. It is not necessary to come to the casino in full combat readiness. You can ask the dealer for the basic rules of any game or find out using your smartphone and immediately practice with your opponents. On the other hand, if a gambler goes to a gambling establishment not only for fun, but also for the sake of getting a win, it is worthwhile to figure out the rules of the games in advance.
The first is to make a list of games in advance and decide on subspecies. For example, not just roulette, but American or French. Not blackjack, but classic, pontoon or switch. Each subspecies has its own rules, pitfalls and tricks, which will be discussed only on specialized forums and YouTube channels. The second is to train with friends or in the online version of the institution. In land-based casinos, it is not enough to know the rules to win, it is better to be able to apply them in real life. Experience, even minimal, increases the chances of winning. Mistake 4. Listen to the advice of other players How it works: In gambling establishments there will always be regulars who do not mind talking and sharing their own strategy with the interlocutor. The local “good guy” will gladly tell you how he raises the bet after each loss or bets only on black in roulette, but forgets to mention how often his tactics worked. All sorts of signs, winning strategies and “successful” recommendations from other gamblers are unlikely to increase the chances of winning, rather the opposite. How to win. The only true tactic is to spend no more than 10% of the total budget on 1 bet. So the player will be able to stay in the game longer, and the probability of winning will increase. Other recommendations and advice even from experienced gurus are best ignored. In a casino, the main thing is to remain flexible, analyze the situation, try to calculate the next steps and not get hung up on only one game, even if nothing works out. It is better to go from roulette to a slot machine and get a few cents as a gift than to constantly bet on red, believing that this color will definitely fall out next time, and be left with nothing.
Mistake 5. Greed and inability to stop in time How it works. A lucky gambler does not always know how to stop in time. It seems to the winner that luck has finally turned to face him, so it’s time to make big bets and get even more money. In fact, random luck in roulette or a slot machine is a single occurrence and rarely anyone manages to hit the jackpot, even a small one, twice. In card games, where victory is more dependent on the player and his skills, it is possible to get the pot twice, but euphoria and adrenaline often suppress vigilance and everything ends in defeat. How to win. In this case, everything depends only on willpower and self-control. At the casino, it is advisable to take cash rather than a credit card, and carefully monitor expenses. And after receiving a win, albeit not too big, take a break and go home. A gambler can always return to a gambling establishment the next day, but it is unlikely that he will be able to return the money lost due to adrenaline and excitement.

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