Trinidad and Tobago authorities intend to raise taxes for gambling business

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The media of the Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago report on the intention of local authorities to increase the amount of taxation for the gambling business.

The document, approved and adopted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the island state, contains information about the changed fees for slot machines, gambling tables and poker tables. Payouts will be different for different types of games. It should be noted that the fine for illegal gambling activities is set at five million in dollar terms. Unlicensed equipment also carries fines of up to one million in local currency. It should be noted that in Germany there have also been changes in the taxation of gambling – German operators of online slots and poker have found out how much they will pay the state. Earlier, My Lucky Story published information that the Brazilian authorities are adopting amendments to tax betting – the corresponding document was sent for final approval to the country’s Senate.

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