Twitch service blocked in Slovakia due to online poker

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There was information that one of the most popular Twitch services was blocked in Slovakia. The reason for this cardinal sanction was a single video broadcast. The blogger demonstrated an online poker game live.

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This video was perceived as advertising and promotion of gambling, and this directly contradicts and violates the rule of the state regulator. Note that the author of the so-called “advertising” has a fairly small audience – about thirty-five thousand people have subscribed to his channel. According to the official version, the regulator initially planned to block only one channel of the intruder, but as a result, as we now understand, the entire social resource was “closed”. To date, it is known that in the country, not all providers have restricted users’ access to Twitch, justifying this with their legal right to “postpone” such a decision. It should be noted that 80 sites related to gambling were blocked on the territory of Belarus. Also, My Lucky Story previously reported that in mid-April of the current 2021, the Slovak authorities stopped the national receipt lottery.

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