Ukrainian authorities issued licenses for three hundred slot machines for four hotels

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A package of decisions on issuing licenses for slot machines was adopted by the state regulator of gambling and lotteries of Ukraine on May 13 and 14, 2021. The applicants are gambling operators Primum and Gamedev. LLC “Primum” received licenses for 200 slot machines to be installed in the Odessa hotel “Gagarin” (Gagarin Plateau, 5-B). The same company, as reported by My Lucky Story, was previously licensed for 51 slot machines and nine gambling tables and 13 slot machines and 27 gambling tables. Gamedev LLC issued licenses for 36 slot machines for the Tourist Hotel (Kyiv, Raisa Okipnaya Street, 2), for 52 slot machines for the Kharkiv Hotel (Kharkiv, Svobody Square, 7), for 28 slot machines for hotel Intourist (Zaporozhye, Soborny Avenue, 135). We recall that Gamedev has already received licenses for 43 slot machines (for the above-mentioned Tourist, Kharkiv and Intourist) and one slot machine (for Tourist).

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