Ukrainian authorities received an initiative to revise taxes for gambling

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It became known that at a meeting of the parliamentary session of the Verkhovna Rada, a bill was presented to change the taxation for gambling in Ukraine. The document contained a proposal to introduce a single rate for all gambling operators. The bill also included amendments regarding tax deductions for each area of ​​the gambling business separately, namely: for online casinos and poker rooms, ten percent of gross income; for betting companies – five percent, and for owners of slot machine halls – twelve and a half percent. At the same time, the proposed document initiates the abolition of tax deductions for winnings received by customers of gambling establishments and organizations. Deputy from the Servant of the People party Danila Getmantsov argues that there is a need to resolve this issue and the authorities need to form a single, optimal approach to this issue. At the same time, the document was excluded from the agenda and was not even accepted for consideration. It should be reminded that now in Ukraine it is planned to create a new department for regulating gambling – the Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC). Meanwhile, Anton Kuchukhidze, head of the GAU Gambling Association of Ukraine, offers new ways to develop the Ukrainian gambling market.

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