Ukrainian gambling operators are tuned in to foreign visitors

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The rapid legalization of gambling on the territory of Ukraine is bearing fruit – according to one of the representatives of the UAII – the Ukrainian Association of the Gaming Industry, foreign guests from Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey began to come to the country for gambling entertainment.

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The expert stressed that the convenient geographical location of the country also plays an important role and positive impact on the situation – Ukraine is a convenient place for European tourists. This can give an independent kind of bonus in the gambling market. At the moment, in many large cities of Ukraine, gambling establishments are already open and are preparing to open. The authorities continue to adjust and optimize the rules for conducting gambling business in the country and rely heavily on the influx of foreign guests. Earlier, My Lucky Story published information that the Ukrainian authorities approved a bill to reduce the tax rate on gambling. We also note that in mid-June 2021, the Ukrainian regulator CRAIL introduces new rules for running a gambling business.

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