Ukrainian National Lottery performed at the summit in Argentina

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UNL presented its strategy for the development of the lottery business at the summit in Argentina. The World Lottery Summit (WLA) was held in Buenos Aires from 18 to 22 November.

At the summit, WLA representatives said that they are now working to move from physical to electronic transactions using mobile devices, while maintaining traditional conveniences. UNL confirmed that this WLA strategy also coincides with the strategy of their company: UNL set the goal of somewhat reforming the industry, making it safe, and the draws themselves transparent. During the summit in Argentina, UNL representatives also managed to hold several meetings with the IGT corporation. During the negotiations, the companies discussed new ways to attract customers to a secure and responsible game in order to replenish the budget of Ukraine, as well as to receive additional funds that will help create new and support existing social programs. Earlier, the general director of the lottery company, Andriy Bochkovsky, said that their organization continues to implement a program that should prevent the emergence of gambling addiction among Ukrainian citizens.

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