Ukrainian regulator CRAIL introduces new rules for running gambling business

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In Ukraine, the first official rules for the conduct of the gambling business appeared, called CRAIL – the Commission for the Regulation of the gambling business. The document contains strictly prescribed norms and restrictions for all legal operators. One of the important points of innovations is the responsibility assigned to operators to train their employees to identify customers with signs of gambling addiction – that is, gambling addiction. Now customers of gambling establishments should have an open opportunity to designate their financial betting limit in casinos and betting companies, as well as add their name to the list of self-excluded players. Recall that the Ukrainian regulatory body informs citizens about the protection of gamblers in Ukraine – one of the points of these measures is the age limit for customers of gambling establishments at 21 years old. My Lucky Story reported that Ivan Rudy, the head of CRAIL, told who Ukrainian gambling establishments are focused on. Gambling business in Ukraine – new rules

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