Ukrainian turned ten hryvnias into two and a half million by winning the jackpot in the lottery

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This week, one of the residents of Ukraine became richer by almost two and a half million hryvnias by purchasing one lottery ticket of the national lottery “Lotto Maxima”. Ten hryvnia spent on a ticket brought excellent dividends to the Ukrainian.

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A successful attempt to test fortune took place in the city of Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk), a ticket was purchased through the terminal and five matching numbers played for 2, 427 million hryvnia in favor of the lottery client – the jackpot was hit. The organizers of “Lotto Maxima” said that this is the first and so far the only case when the ticket bought in the machine brought the maximum win. The degree of luck of the Ukrainian is also emphasized by the fact that he made the purchase just a couple of hours before the draw itself. Earlier, My Lucky Story reported on an equally successful case – a lottery ticket in the US state brought a Pensacola resident one million dollars. Also published information about the record jackpot in the American Powerball lottery – the winner got more than 730 million dollars. The lucky one chose the one-time payment option, while losing almost half of the “prize” in taxes.

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