Ukrainians call on the authorities to save one of the last hippodromes

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Social networks are actively discussing the fate of one of the last hippodromes with an area of ​​45 hectares. It is located in Kyiv in the residential area “Teremki”. Near the object is the metro station of the same name, making the site a tasty morsel for developers. It is reported that ten years ago, British investors showed interest in restoring the hippodrome, but the deal was not completed due to the fact that there was no such industry as legal betting in Ukraine. In 2014, instead of the hippodrome, they planned to build a large shopping center of the well-known company IKEA. Residents of the city are sure that if they do not start reconstructing the object, a decision will be made to demolish it to build residential buildings. And they turn to the authorities with a request to intervene and save the hippodrome. Due to the fact that a law on the legalization of gambling was recently adopted in Ukraine, the people of Kiev are counting on the appearance of foreign or local investors. The Central Hippodrome of Ukraine was built back in the 60s, opposite the central ice stadium. On its territory there are 9 stables, designed for 40 stalls each, three main tracks and jumping grounds.

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